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The Mr. Grumpy Pants Brewing Company
Welcome to the Mr. Grumpy Pants Brewing Company!
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Welcome to the Mr. Grumpy Pants Brewing Company!
The Ourayle House...the other side of beer.

We're a simple brewery that few people have ever heard of, and even fewer can seem to pronounce. Snuggled somewhere in the spectacular high country of the Colorado San Juan Mountains, we brew by the single barrel. We make do with what little we have and make beer with even less. Thus, our beers are continously changing. Not only seasonally but, sometimes whether we mean to or not.

We don't have a mission statement, a marketing campaign, and on occasion, even a clue. We're not interested in being trendy or the newest advertising gimmick. We do however - whenever available - use all natural local ingredients and pride in our brewing process and even in our decorating, which makes us and our beer a progeny of nature, and she can be a fickle mother. We live, work, and brew where we  vacation, and at times we vacation on work days instead. We try our best, sometimes with little success, but we do keep trying, and we are here; be it by luck, by fate, by fortune or choice, in where we honestly believe is the place that we are destined to be. We're just not sure why yet.

So until then...Eins, Zwei, Drei...Suffa!